Thursday, January 12, 2017

2003 Scalpel - Around the Web

The new sculpt era Joes have become the wayward stepchild of the collecting world.  They are too new to have any real nostalgia attached to them.   But, they are too old to fit into the modern style of action figure that has dominated the toy aisles for the last decade or so.  There was a lot of junk in the Joe vs. Cobra era figures.  But, themes like Spy Troops did bring some cool new additions to the line.  One such character is the Cobra medic Scalpel.  Below is the best of the web on the character.

Scalpel Profile

Scalpel at

Scalpel at JoeBattleLines

Scalpel at HalftheBattle

Scalpel at OAFE

Scalpel Review

Scalpel at Joepedia

Scalpel at

2003 Scalpel, Spy Troops, 2002 Dart

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