Wednesday, July 4, 2018

The Zeros - Mark III

After Rarities Month, I need to catch my breath a bit.  A huge thanks to all of you who stopped by and checked out the posts.  It was my highest traffic month, ever!  Three posts from this year are now the three most viewed in the site's history.  I'm already working on more Rarities for 2019.  But, thank you for all your interest and support.

So, to rest a bit, I've gone though the site to find really unpopular posts.  Usually, I can predict which posts are going to be popular.  But, I'm not always right.  There are several profiles over the history of the site that have very few hits.  I can find many reasons why that might be.  But, if you have a day off today, you can read some of the neglected classics:

Repaints of Popular Figures:

Obscure Characters That Are Good Figures:

Popular Figures Whose Negligence I Can Not Explain:

I'll be back to my regular update schedule next week!

1985 Quick Kick, 1992 Ninja Force Slice

1985 Shipwreck, Funskool Beach Head, 1986 Devilfish

1990 stretcher, Freefall, 1991 Zap, Super Sonic Fighters, 1985 Footloose, 1986 Viper

2004 Desert Patrol Snake Eyes, Stalker, TRU Exclusive, Anti Venom Roadblock

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