Thursday, May 12, 2016

1993 Cyber Viper - Around the Web

The Cyber Viper isn't a figure that should demand collector attention.  The bright colors and odd design usually spell doom for a figure.  But, I've found him to one of my personal favorites.  Here's some of the best content around the web on the character:
Cyber Viper Profile - 2014

Cyber Viper Profile - 2004

Cyber Viper at Blood for the Baron

Cyber Viper Pre Production at

Cyber Viper at Half the Battle

'90's Joes at Generals Joes

Cyber Viper at Joe A Day

Cyber Viper at Joe

Cyber Viper at

1993 Cyber Viper, Mega Marines, Detonator, Flak Viper


  1. Upon reading your 2014 profile of the Cyber-Viper, I think I have a solution to your on-the-fence-ness about having him use the Toxo-Viper gun he came with. You know the neon green Toxo-Viper backpack from the Funskool Incinerator? Give the Cyber-Viper that, and a hose to connect the backpack to the sniffer, and it should be a much better picture. What do you think?

    1. That's a great idea! If only I hadn't sold off all my Funskool Incinerators....

  2. Cyber-Viper at Joe matches :(

    1. Nuts. In looking at it, it seems JD uses a search ID for each search you do rather than the words. So, the searches don't stick around. Same for the keyword results. Will have to look into this further.... Thanks for the info.