Thursday, August 11, 2016

1993 Duke - Around the Web

Duke had a lot of figures in the vintage days.  Some were great.  Others were not.  The 1993 Battle Corps figure, though, is more towards great.  It's a strong mold with decent coloring and black accessories.  There are rumors the mold would have been repainted in green cammo in 1995, but that figure never came to pass.  Hasbro had the mold during the early 2000's, but chose to only revisit the 1992 Duke figure and ignored this mold.  Here's some of the best content on the web for the figure.

1993 Duke Profile

1993 Duke at Nekoman's Viper Pit

Duke at

Custom Duke at OreoBuilder's Blog

Pre Production Duke at

Custom Duke at Cooey's Toy Box

1993 Duke by BattleArmorDad1

1993 Battle Corps Duke, Mega Marines, Monster Blaster APC

1993 Battle Corps Duke, 1992 Toxo Zombie, Eco Warriors

1993 Battle Corps Duke, Mudbuster

1993 Battle Corps Duke, 2002 Night Rhino, 1991 Dusty, 2004 Desert Patrol Gung Ho

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  1. This is a great figure and an excellent update for Duke. The head isn't perfect but it looks enough like the 1983 figure to convincing portray the same person. Battle Corps Duke is light on painted details but then again so are some of my favorite Joes. I think he has what he needs. Too much more would increase the risk of paint wear and-- after all-- these toys were meant to be played with.