Thursday, March 10, 2016

1987 Croc Master - Around the Web

Croc Master was one of the few 1987 villains that became a viable part of my collection.  He's a solid figure, even if he maintains the bizareness that was the 1987 main carded figure line.  He's some of the top content on the character around the web.

Croc Master Profile

Croc Master at

Croc Master Video Review

Croc Master at JoeWiki

Croc Master at OAFE

Croc Master at Generals Joes

87 Cobras at Joe A Day

Croc Master at Joe A Day

1987 Sea Slug, Croc Master, 1986 Devilfish

1987 Croc Master


  1. Hello, great write up! I've enjoyed your blog for years...until it disappeared for a bit. I just rediscovered it again today. Keep up the great work. Yo Joe!

    1. Glad you found my new home. I lost some time, but hope to not have the same issues this time around.