Friday, April 5, 2024

1992 DEF Mutt - Random Photos of the Day

Mutt is a classic character with an iconic look.  In 1992, though, Hasbro created an update for him.  Personally, I think it's a solid update to the character.  And, I find it a nice alternative for Mutt.  Not everyone agrees, of course.  But, that's part of what makes collecting fun.

The most interesting thing about this figure is that he is in Slaughter's Marauders colors.  It's a choice that ties this figure to his predecessor.  But, the muted colors allow for this figure to be used in a variety of settings.  And, he's a nice complement to the 1992 Spirit.  

I haven't taken as many photos of this figure as I would have thought.  He's a figure that I enjoy.  So, here's a few photos I've taken of him in the past few years.  Let me know what you think of this guy.

1992 Mutt & Junkyard, DEF, Wildbill, 1991 BAT, Battle Android Trooper

1992 Mutt & Junkyard, DEF, Funskool Flint, Bomb Disposal

1992 Mutt & Junkyard, DEF, BBQ, Eco Warriors, Barbecue

1992 Mutt & Junkyard, DEF, 1993 Gristle


  1. He's fine as a ball joint neck Mutt. Maybe a little generic, but you can look at him say "That's Mutt". His lack of a holster is odd considering he came with a pistol

  2. This version doesn’t get the credit it deserves, considering the closeness it’s colors are to the Slaughter’s Marauders Mutt

  3. A decent 90's remake of an iconic character in non-horrible colors is a win in itself. The fact that he comes with Junkyard is icing on the cake.

    Just wanted to thank you for keeping this blog going for so many years! It's a great joy to read.

  4. The connection with the Slaughter's Marauders colors is one I never made. Yet another reason I appreciate this figure. The DEF as a whole is actually a really nice subteam if you ask me and this version of Mutt is a worthy successor to the iconic original. Bonus points for coming with Junkyard!