Tuesday, December 20, 2022

1998 Volga - Around the Web

In 1998, there were no Oktober Guard figures.  So, the news that Hasbro was going to release one was welcomed with open arms by collectors.  When the set appeared, though, all was not well.  The only character from the original Oktober Guard team was Col. Brekhov.  And, that figure was a straight repaint of the 1991 Red Star.  The other figures were Lt. Gorky (which is a great figure, just not a classic Oktober Guard character) and Volga.  Volga was an all new character who didn't make much sense when Daina, an original team member, was there for the taking.  

It seems that Volga was meant to be Daina.  The hand painted mock up for the figure included blonde hair.  And, it was meant to be Daina.  But, for some reason, Hasbro changed up the figure.  They gave the figure red hair and created Volga.  

The headsculpt on the figure isn't great.  And, the Lady Jaye body and gear really make her seem like a Lady Jaye knock off.  But, her paint applications are strong and the camo pattern is really unique.  You'd think there would be more Volga content out there.  But, she seems to have fallen away in the past 24 years.

1998 Volga Profile

1998 Volga by corpscommandercody

1998 Volga at JoeADay.com

1998 Volga by tonegunsrevisited

1998 Volga by gi_joeisthere

1998 Volga by corpscommandercody

1998 Volga by Slipstream80

1998 Volga by Flint

1998 Volga by tonegunsrevisted

1998 Volga by fosilru

1998 Volga, Oktober Guard, 2020 Black Major 1997 Snake Eyes, Factory Custom, Bootleg

1998 Volga, Oktober Guard, Stormavik, 2005 Comic Pack

Tuesday, December 6, 2022

2003 Agent Faces Mail Away - Around The Web

The Agent Faces mail away was one of the great things about the repaint Joe resurgence that occurred between 2002 and 2005.  It was like a vintage mail away.  The figure was cheap, the incentive points were easy to acquire and there was no real concern about not getting your figures.  In fact, Hasbro honored requests right until the final day of the promotion.  Supposedly, you were limited to 2 of the figures.  But, you could place multiple orders and collectors were able to easily army build the figures while we awaited the eventual release of retail Crimson Guards.  (We finally got them in 2004 and 2005.)  

2003's Spy Troops were one of the best gimmicks that Hasbro created for the Joe line.  It was hugely popular and stores could not keep them in stock.  But, Faces was the only character or concept that was released in ARAH figure form.  But, the removable helmet worked fairly well and the Duke head with painted on facial hair was different enough to really make the figure appear all new.  The Faces figure is remains one of my favorites of the era.  Here's the best I could find of him from around the web.

Agent Faces Profile

Agent Faces Unpainted Face - Rarities

Saturday, December 3, 2022

Funskool Flint - Random Photos of the Day

The 1985 Flint is my favorite figure.  So, when a similar version popped up from Funskool in 2002, I jumped at the chance to buy as many of them as I could.  And, to this day, I take way too many photos of the figure.  In fact, I have so many that I already have two Random Photos posts filled up.  So, I decided to post this one as the year winds down so that I can put up the other photos next year while I continue to take more and more photos of this figure.

The photos below show the Russian figure as well as one of the later variants from India.  I've got a couple of more variants, too.  At some point, I'll post them all in succession so the slight differences are highlighted.  Until then, enjoy these photos and let me know your favorite Funskool figure.

Funskool Flint, 1997 Snake Eyes, 1985

1985 Frostbite, Snow Cat, Funskool Flint

Funskool Flint, 2017 The General, Steel Brigade, Mail Away, Black Major, 2004, VAMP, Red Laser Army

Funskool Flint

Funskool Flint, 1983 Rock and Roll

Funskool Flint, 2004 Night Force Short Fuse

Funskool Flint, 1983 Rock and Roll