Thursday, July 5, 2018

1988 Iron Grenadier - Around the Web

The 1988 Iron Grenadier figure has always seemed like an updated Cobra Trooper, to me.  As the staple of Destro's new army, the figure was about the perfect way for Hasbro to make the Iron Grenadiers menacing and powerful.  The mold and colors are an excellent blend that make for a highly popular army builder.  It's nice to finally see some repaints of the mold coming out.  Here's the best of him from around the web:

Iron Grenadier Profile

Iron Grenadier Video Review

Iron Grenadier Concept Art with Unproduced Helmet

Iron Grenadier at

Iron Grenadier Pre Production at

Iron Grenadier at Half the Battle

1988 Iron Grenadier, Voltar

1 comment:

  1. Cross between a conquistador and WW1 German gas masked soldier. More assymetrical details than most Cobras. I recall first seeing them on early 1988 cardback backsides and wondering what role they'd play in Cobra, not knowing they'd be part of some Destro comeback.