Saturday, October 9, 2021

1989 Snake Eyes - Around The Web

The greatest sin of the 1989 Snake Eyes is that he's not the 1985 Snake Eyes.  That doesn't mean, though, that this is a bad figure.  Far from it.  For younger collectors, this is often their vision of Snake Eyes.  And, I'll argue that this version best meshes Snake Eyes' Commando and Ninja personalities into one design.  My personal story on this figure is detailed in the first link.  It explains why this figure is difficult for me to really adopt as an iconic Snake Eyes.  There's tons of great content on this guy out there, though.  So, enjoy!

1989 Snake Eyes Profile

1989 Snake Eyes by thedustinmccoy

1989 Snake Eyes, 1985 Flint

1989 Snake Eyes, 1985 Flint


  1. The figure's second sin is having a head too small for the body.

  2. Mannn those are some BIG knives lol !

  3. This is the first Snake Eyes I was able to buy new on card when it came out.

    But I've always had a strange feeling about this Snake Eyes. The weird blades, the black leather, the gimp mask, the chain weapons...this Snake Eyes looks like he gets freaky!

    And actually, according to the comic, he does have an S&M connection. He got this outfit from his torturers, one of whom was literally named DeSade, after Marquis DeSade, the father of Sadism.

    Now you know...