Tuesday, October 12, 2021

1983 Zap - Random Photos of the Day

The 1983 Zap is a fun figure.  His brighter green helps him stand out among the original 13 Joes.  And, his antiquated weapon actually works in the context of the Joe team.  He wasn't a figure that I really had when I was a kid.  Both his thumbs broke on a straight arm version within hours of his opening.  But, I've kept this figure intact for two decades and still enjoy him more than most of the early Joe figures.

Sadly, the brittleness of Zap has lead to his extreme expense in modern times.  Before he was a $100+ figure, I had a lot of fun getting him out for photo shoots.  These days, though, I'm more careful as a simple slip would cost me way more than this figure is worth to replace.  So, the 1997 Zap has become the proxy for this original figure.  But, here's some pics of him back when the figure was still a reasonable acquisition.

1983 Zap, Bazooka Soldier, Silver Pads Grand Slam, 2008 Crimson Cobra Trooper, Black Major

1983 Zap, Bazooka Soldier, 2000 Locust, Dragonfly, Platirama, Sokerk, Fuego, Ripcord, Argentina

1983 Zap, Bazooka Soldier, Rock and Roll, VAMP, 1982, 2017, Outlaw, Red Laser Army

1983 Zap, Bazooka Soldier, Trip Wire, Funskool Bomb Disposal, Plastirama TNT, Blowtorch, Argentina

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