Friday, September 15, 2023

2006 Operation Flaming Moth Flak Viper - Around The Web

Back in 2015 and 2016, you could buy large lots of these figures from  Asia for a couple of bucks each.  As those sold out, you could get plenty of complete versions or $12 each.  Since then, the prices on these figures have gotten ridiculous.  Which makes little sense since these figures were hugely unpopular, were heavily clearanced and had overstock available for nearly a decade.  But, many of today's collectors have no concept of the line's history and can't imagine there are guys with dozens of these figures sitting a bucket, still thinking they are unwanted, cheap acquisitions.

There's little content on this Flak Viper any more.  Most of the items you'll see below have aged quite a bit.  Which is more about the changing nature of the collecting community than the quality of the figure itself.  So, check out all the content below for a glimpse of the past when the community was more vibrant.

2006 Flak Viper Profile

2006 Flak Viper by gen_liederkranz

2006 Flak Viper by fireflyed

2006 Flak Viper by yovalleyjoe

2006 Flak Viper by nightforcetunnelrat

2006 Flak Viper by plasticbattles

2006 Flak Viper by scarrviper

2006 Flak Viper by kushviper

2006 Flak Viper by LTCLAYMORE

2006 Flak Viper by Scarrviper

2006 Flak Viper by gen_liederkranz

2006 Flak Viper by blast_gijoe

2006 Operation Flaming Moth Flak Viper, Range Viper


  1. We are at the start of another bear market for prices, watch them come back down. Even third party orings won't inflate things since there aren't enough people-- like only 1200 backers for OR. I bet in five years 40% of new collectors will have moved on and sold everything off.

    1. I am curious to see what happens to the market. It looks like it has pretty much plateaued.

  2. I miss the more vibrant times in the community! Like everything life goes on but looking back at the early to mid 2000s it was really a great era for GI Joe enthusiasts. So much creativity on the web as witnessed by all the links provided. I was glad I appreciated the online community back then and never strayed too far away from being an adult collector although I have had a few hiatuses over the years.

    I though all of the Flaming MOTH released figures were great. It was nice to see some of the great viper figures get new life.

  3. I bet he takes a lot of flack for wearing that tunic with stirrups!