Saturday, November 18, 2023

1991 Sci Fi - Around The Web

The 1991 Sci Fi is a rather popular figure.  Really, he solves for pretty much all of the criticisms of the 1986 debut figure.  This later redesign features a removable helmet, smaller rifle and an overall sculpt that is less bulky than the original.  In all, the figure is a strong update to a character who isn't all that high on most collectors' lists.

There's some nice content featuring the figure out there, though.  For many collectors, the figure is their laser trooper.  And, all the figure's gear allows for some cool posing.  You'll see a bunch of these in the photos and content below.

1991 Sci Fi Profile

1991 Sci Fi by viper_space

1991 Sci Fi by evilface

1991 Sci Fi by TunnelRat

1991 Sci Fi by gijoe_c4_panama

1991 Sci Fi by albafica

1991 Sci Fi by Slipstream80

1991 Sci Fi by gvilla74

1991 Sci Fi by cowledcollector

1991 Sci Fi, Super Sonic Fighters Zap

1991 Sci Fi

1991 Sci Fi, 1986 Conquest, 1994 Star Brigade Ozone


  1. I've never gotten the feeling that this figure is/was all that popular. But you're right: He's a massive upgrade over the 86 figure and looks great.

  2. I had this Sci-Fi as a kid. He used to pilot my Retaliator.