Tuesday, November 10, 2015

16th Anniversary

Today is the 16th Anniversary of Forgotten Figures.  My first profiles were posted on November 10, 1999.  Here they are in all their glory:

1990 Decimator:


1995 Unproduced Battle Corps Rangers Unnamed Figure (likely Flint):


A lot has happened since November of 1999 in the Joe world.  Some good, a lot not so good.  But, we're still here, enjoying the hobby we grew up with.

1990 Decimator, 1988 Secto Viper, BUGG, Hammerhead


  1. Ideal moment to post a first comment it would seem. I can't believe it's already been 16 years, wow! Back in 1999 I was just starting to get back into GI Joe collecting, after coming across a mint and complete Defiant (for 150 Euros no less, oh how I miss those days!). Your website was one of the first I started to regularly follow, along with other "greats" of the GI Joe collecting community like generalsjoes.com and (alas no longer active) qktheatre.com. I always liked the mix of personal opinion, history and informative insights you put in your reviews. It was a letdown when I noticed the site was down some time ago, and subsequently a great relief when I saw you put together this new site where I can once again browse through dozens of reviews of forgotten figures! Your site is one of the reasons this is such a great hobby, keep up the good job! Kind regards, Whalemuseum.

  2. Happy anniversary! Here's to hopefully another 16 years! I first got on board a couple years back, and I've looked forward to each new entry ever since.

    Maybe one of your future reviews can cover the Accessory Packs, it's something different for sure.

  3. Happy anniversary. I'm not sure if I am following Forgotten Figures since 1999 but probably yes. Thank you for your time and dedication. Your stories are relieving and nostalgic for a 80s kid like me.

  4. Thanks for the well wishes. It's been a lot of fun putting this all together.

    Oh, and there is a Battle Gear profile coming up early next year.