Thursday, December 24, 2020

1985 SMS - Around The Web

I got the Sears exclusive SMS for Christmas in 1985.  At the time, it was a bit disappointing since I didn't get a USS Flagg.  But, very quickly, the SMS proved its value.  And, in time, the Crimson repaints of classic vehicles came to be an integral part of my collection.  And, the missile system became one of the key elements that drove my imaginative Joe world through 1987.  

I still have my original SMS.  It's one of the few toys from my childhood that I never upgraded.  I still like it for photos today as the red and black makes a great backdrop for many early Cobra figures.  Due to the rarity, there's not a ton of SMS content out there.  Here's the little I could find around the web on the SMS.

SMS Profile

SMS by badgerscratch

SMS by HCC788

SMS at G.I. Joe Pit

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  1. Unrelated to the SMS, the black uniform Cobra Troopers would look really good with an Iron Grenadiers logo. Arm them with Sterlings or FALs and they would make great Destro Family Guard Troopers.

    1. I haven't come around on original Cobra Troopers as Destro's soldiers. But, you're not the first to mention how well they could work. Red Laser did one a few years ago. I think Attica Gazette did a write up on them and they looked pretty good.