Tuesday, December 29, 2020

1994 Night Creeper Leader - Around The Web

The 1994 Night Creeper Leader is one of the more obscure releases in the line.  He's a character that was introduced in 1993, though in a bright orange.  His 1994 repaint is more subtle.  But, it's kind of a hard figure to find.  I had to open mine off the card in the early 2000's to get one.  The 1993 figure is far easier to find and is the coloring that appears in the comic.  There's a lot more content available on the 1993 figure, too.  But, I was able to find a few gems that specifically related to the 1994 figure.  So, here's the best 1994 Night Creeper Leader content I could find around the web.

1994 Night Creeper Leader Profile

1994 Night Creeper Leader, Battle Corps, 1995 Ninja Commando Budo, Unproduced, Mortal Kombat Movie Edition Shang Tsung

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  1. When purple and yellow with gold skull cap is subtle by comparison!
    Night Creeper Leader the character first appears in 1990's DIC GI JOE cartoon, as a regular night creeper with a different "head", unmasked lower face, different visor. Some comic fans try to retcon him, the action figures and the comic book Night Creeper "Aleph" as being all the same person. Whatever. NLC appears in the comic book in 1993 get-up and never mentions being Aleph, so...

    Cobra and its shirtless characters. It's weird.