Tuesday, December 8, 2020

2003 Convention Major Storm - Around the Web

Collectors anticipated the 2003 Convention set reveal with great zeal.  It was just assumed that the set would be a massive cadre of classic army builders in excellent colors.  The, the reveal came.  First, the army builders were not the Vipers, BATS or Cobra Troopers that collectors demanded.  But, even worse, the set included 3 G.I. Joe figures!  3 slots that could have been the Cobras collectors demanded were wasted!

The above is a bit facetious.  But, it was also representative of collector sentiment of the time.  The most baffling release in Operation Anacondo, though, was Major Storm.  At the time, he was an unknown in the community.  And, even his relative rarity due to his inclusion with the General wasn't a selling point.  17 years later, this guy stands as one of the great oddities of the convention set era.  He's not a figure anyone really cares about or spends time chasing down.  But, he exists and it was good that at least one oddball Joe got released in the 2000's.  Of course, there's little content on this guy out there.  But, here's the oldies but goodies on the Convention Major Storm.

2003 Convention Exclusive Major Storm, 1988 Tiger Force Flint, Sgt. Slaughter


  1. Wow, you can barely tell they painted his eyes. Probably due to that horribly orange, translucent plastic they used for his head. That flesh color is one of the worst things about the 1997 and later figures, IMO.

  2. Flint can barely his laughter seeing the Major's helmet.
    2002 showed some creativity on the Club's part. Something that was hit and miss and by the modern era sets they were lacking, but understandably trying to get as many vintage figures remade into modern style as possible. That's the annoyance of starting over with a new format.

  3. I feel like they should have painted his undershirt, and maybe gone with a different shade on his pants. Also some paint applications on the helmet, like picking out the star and eye-lens would help, but honestly Major Storm might just need a slightly smaller head to make the helmet fit properly.

  4. Is it just me or does Major Storm look severely hung over?