Saturday, November 27, 2021

2019 Slaughter's Marauders Snake Eyes - Around The Web

If you liked Snake Eyes, there weren't many options for him in the vintage line.  Sure, you had a lot of different figuers.  But, he, for the most part, was done in various shades of black.  And, the iconic 1985 figure never got a repaint.  In 2018, though, Black Major rectified this by releasing a multitude of 1985 Snake Eyes figures in a wide variety of colors.  He released additional repaints in 2019 and 2020.  Among the more desired 2019 releases is this version based on the Slaughter's Marauders color scheme.  Snake Eyes was notably absent from the vintage repaint series.  So, giving him a way to incorporate into some of the more popular Joe subsets was well received.  You can tell by the amount of content out there on this figure that people continue to enjoy him.

2019 Slaughter's Marauders Snake Eyes Profile

2019 Slaughter's Marauders Snake Eyes by thedustinmccoy

2019 Slaughter's Marauders Snake Eyes, Black Major, 1988 Muskrat


  1. For some reason, there is a white blemish on the stomach of your sample as well as mine. I have also seen this white spot on other figures too, I wonder if it was a result of the manufacturing process.

    1. I have that same blemish on a gray Snake Eyes from Black Major. Looks like plastic stress. I assume it's a flaw in the mold causing the plastic to be thin and fragile at that spot.