Thursday, April 16, 2020

1985 Airtight - Around The Web

We all make choices.  Some are good.  Some are bad.  Some stay with you.  Others don't.  I had a choice in February of 1985 when I found brand new Joes at a local KB Toy Store.  I could buy a Flint.  Or, I could buy an Airtight.  Flint, I knew about from the cartoon.  Airtight, well, he was all new and looked awesome.  In the package, Flint's head was drooping.  I thought he was broken since I didn't know about the new head articulation.  So, I bought Airtight instead of Flint.  Now, Flint became my white whale after I realized that his head was meant to droop.  But, I never regretted my purchase of Airtight.  35 years later, I can remember him disembarking from my then new Whale to attack Cobras at the top of the stairs in my parents' house.  It's a great memory for a great figure.  Here's the best of him from around the web.

1985 Airtight Profile

1985 Airtight by scarrviper

1985 Airtight by strikeforce_codename

1985 Airtight by Nekoman

1985 Airtight by Slipstream80

1985 Airtight by thedustinmccoy

Airtight in Wonderland by djv

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  1. Airtight is a solid figure.I found a used one at a flea market and painted the green parts brown, like El Puro but without the stripes. The yellow is a little out there, though.When I was in the Army,our NBC suit was green with a weird charcoal lining.When I was in Fort Hood, getting ready to deploy to Desert Shield/Storm our commanders made us to a march in full MOPP (Multi Ordinance Protective Posture) gear, in the 90 degree Texas heat.When I finally pulled off my rubber gloves, sweat poured out of the gloves like water, lol. So when I think of Airtight, that's what comes to mind. Airtight would look great with a more subtle paint job, but that's always been Joe's problem. Not everybody can be grey, black, green, tan or brown, before it quickly becomes monotonous.

  2. I can't not like Airtight. The yellow doesn't detract from his appeal at all, somehow. His specialty is just so niche, he's basically required. Who else is gonna fight those Toxo-Vipers or fix the Pit's AC filters?