Thursday, April 2, 2020

1994 Snow Storm - Around The Web

As the Joe line petered out, I scoured retail to find the last bastions of figures and vehicles that I could.  At some point, I acquired a 1993 Snow Storm figure.  I didn't pay him much mind...until I got a Blockbuster tank.  This arctic vehicle required two men in the cockpit.  So, I went to a Meijer store where I had seen a Snow Storm and bought another one.  Since I hadn't really cared about my original, I was pleasantly surprised to find the newly purchased one was a different version.  And, with that the 1994 Snow Storm entered my collection.  Since that day nearly 25 years ago, Snow Storm hasn't done much other than helm the Blockbuster.  But, the 1994 repaint is decently colored and works well enough.  Here's the best of him from around the web.

1994 Snow Storm Profile


  1. Great,Great figure.Due to the terrific color choices, this figure can also be used as a pilot, astronaut, deep sea diver, HAZMAT crewman, even firefighter. I found him on clearance at a card/comic store for 15 bucks like three years ago.

    1. Agreed, for a '94 figure this guy is spectacular. Perfect colors for his specialty, including the off white weapons. And nothing really off putting about him. I guess his worst flaws are being too sci-fi or somewhat boring. But I think he's kinda cool...

  2. A lot of snow joes in those last 2 years, like 9 and 3 of them were Snow Storm variations. If 1995 had happened we'd have had even more snow joes, another Frostbite and some repaints in a boxed set.