Thursday, March 31, 2016

1982 Flash - Around the Web

Flash is one of the more distinctive original 13 Joe figures.  While lots of collectors like him, it seems most people have him already.  The figure was released around the world in various shades of his American release.  Here's some of the top content on the character around the web.

Flash Profile

Flash Video Review

Flash Video Review 2

Flash Wiki

Plastirama Flash at Leaky Suit Brigade

Flash at

1983 Steeler, 1985 Mauler, Short Fuse, Mortar Trooper, Short Fuze, Grand Slam, Flash, JUMP

1983 Flash, 1984 Clutch, APC, Thunder, Steeler, Original 13 G.I. Joe Figures


  1. Mike, how do you feel about Flash's upper bicep pads being painted on the 83 version?

    1. I'm OK with it. While I'd rather have had the pads from the straight arm version, I don't think the figure really suffers too much for it. You get the effect of the pads and the red paint on the arms is enough of a departure from the other swivel original 13's that it works for me.