Thursday, April 21, 2016

1984 Copperhead - Around the Web

Copperhead is a fairly nice figure.  The bright colors work in the context of his specialty.  Here's some of the best content about him on the web.

Copperhead Profile

Copperhead and Water Moccasin - Video Review

Copperhead at JoeWiki

Copperhead at the Viper Pit

Copperhead at the Raging Fan Boy

Copperhead at

Copperhead at AtticaGazette

1984 Zartan, Copperhead, Stinger, Sears Exclusive, Dreadnok

1984 Copperhead, Water Moccasin, 2000 Undertow, 1993 Create A Cobra, Mail away, Rare G.I. Joe Figures

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