Thursday, April 14, 2016

Brazilian Abutre Negro - Cobra Black Vulture - Around the Web

The Brazilian Abutre Negro, or Cobra Black Vulture, is one the great Estrela exclusive figures.  I first brought him out in late 2001 and he's been a mainstay of my collection ever since.  What was a cheap and easy figure to find in the early 2000's has become a very expensive addition to any collection.  Here's some of the top content around the web on the character:

Abutre Negro Profile

Review of a Carded Estrela Figure Featuring Black Vulture

Black Vulture at

Abutre Negro at

Abutre Negro at

Cobra Black Vulture, Abutre Negro, Brazil, Estrela, Patrulha do Ar, 1984 Wild Weasel, Rattler

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