Wednesday, March 27, 2019

1994 Star Brigade Duke - Around the Web

The 1994 Star Brigade series is of top notch quality.  Even if you don't care for the theme of astronaut figures, the sculpting and colors are exquisite.  Take a look at the head on that Duke and you can see the amazing detail details that the designers got into the visage.  Despite this figure being relatively obscure, there's a good deal of content on him out there.  Check out the best of the 1994 Star Brigade Duke from around the web.

1994 Star Brigade Duke Profile

Star Brigade Duke by Kushviper

1994 Star Brigade Carded Series

Star Brigade Duke at

Duke by thedragonfortress

Star Brigade Duke Pre Production at

Duke at

Star Brigade Duke by slipstream80

Duke by toysandtomfoolery

1994 Star Brigade Duke, 1991 Condor Strike, Power Commandos

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  1. A favorite of customizers who wanted a non-smiling Duke that looked like Duke ("not the 1992 Duke" in other words)

    His pack/helmet think really wasn't good, largely due to the strange helmet.