Thursday, March 14, 2019

Risco - Plastirama Exclusive Alpine - Around the Web

Risco is an exclusive figure to Argentina.  He's barely a repaint of Alpine.  But, is still a cool difference from the classic, American figure.  Risco was a favorite of the late Outrider of fame and you will see some of his work in the links below.  Sadly, there's not a lot of content on the figure out there.  But, even I don't use the figure as often as I should.  Here's the best of Risco from around the web.

Risco Profile

Risco Dio 1

Risco at

Risco Dio 2

Risco, Alpine, 1985, Plastirama, Argentina, Funskool, Flint

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  1. He definitely looks different enough from Alpine that my brain knows something is up but he's so similar that I really had to look at a comparison to tell what exactly the differences were. I had to look up what Risco meant and it turns out that it means Crag in Spanish!