Saturday, February 20, 2021

2008 Headhunter BAT - Around The Web

The 2008 convention set is one that promised a lot but delivered a little.  The Headhunter Stormtroopers were pretty bad.  The Headhunters were weird colors.  And, the BATs had some issues.  For many years afterwards, all of these figures were cheap.  You could get BATs for about original cost for quite a while.  Now, though, some of the stink of the set has dissolved and you see figures from it commanding a premium, again.  This Headhunter BAT has nice colors, perfect gear and matches up quite well with just about any faction you desire.  There's not a ton of content on him out there.  But, here's what I could find.

2008 Headhunter BAT Profile

2008 Convention Exclusive Headhunter BAT, Battle Android Trooper, Metal Hawk, Power Commandoes, Lucky Bell


  1. And then the original BAT mold was never released again.

    1. Technically, it was never rereleased in its entirety, despite the legs being used on Viper and the Club possibly recreating the head and lower arms. It would've been an obvious inclusion in that comic pack with Lady Jaye, instead they have two gas masked Cobras that appear in one panel in one issue of 155 issue comic. Even if they had to substitute the V2 Bat chest like the club figures, it would've been something.