Saturday, February 27, 2021

2002 Gift Set Firefly - Around The Web

This "poo-headed" Firefly has aged much better than many figures of his era.  While he's still not a good figure by any means, he's something completely different from other figures from his time.  The paint masks are strong, the colors are unique and his gear makes little sense.  But, that's what makes the figure interesting.  He's fun to photograph since he stands out so much.  Here's the best of the 2002 Gift Set Firefly from around the web.

Gift Set Firefly Profile

Gift Set Firefly by strikeforce_codename

Gift Set Firefly by fun_time_at_serpentorslair

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  1. That color scheme strikes me as "awesomely Funskool." Except the weird brown/bronze head. There were so many Firefly repaints that I don't even remember this one. I might have him in a box somewhere.