Friday, February 9, 2024

1992 Eel - Random Photos of the Day

The 1985 Eel is one of the most iconic army builders in the history of the Joe line.  And, it just might be a perfect action figure.  Which, pretty much guaranteed that any follow up to  the Eel was going to be overly criticized and would never get a fair shake against the original.  It is through that backdrop that the 1992 Eel was always viewed.  Which, never allowed the 1992 figure to really be viewed on its own merits.  Really, the Hydro Viper and Undertow were both pale imitations of the 1985 Eel.  But, by virtue of not sharing a name, they have never been as harshly judged.

The 1992 Eel figure can stand on it's own.  The design is sleeker and  more self contained that the 1985.  The colors pop, but also work in water.  And, the figure includes the robo-shark.  If you can't get behind that, I'm not sure I can ever help you.  But, sharing the Eel name has forever doomed this figure to second status in the collecting world.  

Through that malaise, though, comes opportunity.  And, over the years, I've been able to acquire a decent army of the 1992 Eels for very cheap prices.  As people don't really care for them, they can be had for a pittance.  And, even with the low production runs of the 1992 single carded figures in general, the Eels are attainable and even amassable.

If you don't have the figure, you owe it to yourself to get one.  And, if you have the figure, you should get more...especially if you have a Bugg as the Eel is a near perfect match for it.  So, enjoy the photos below and let me know about your best work featuring this figure.

1992 Eel, 1988 BUGG

1992 Eel, Cobra Eels

1992 Eels, 1994 M Bison


  1. Low production runs? Really? At 12 new figures that year, down from 17 in previous years, I'd imagine there's was a good amount of 1992 figures made. I'm assuming the cases were the same size as previous years. Was it 48 or 24 figures per case. Something large compared to the pathetic "cases" now. Star Wars cases of less than 12 figures. That's why there's little stock in stores and little variety. No room to reship in demand figures with in a case of 8. But stores are to blame for some of that.

  2. This is another one of the classic figures re-introduced for us 90s kids that I loved. Still have a vivid memory of getting this figure in 1992 while living in Kansas during a trip to Wal-Mart with my family. He looks great with the BUGG and probably would look good with the Hammerhead as well.

  3. As someone who had the original Eels as a kid, I was never able to make myself like 1992 Eels. He's basically anathema.

    The impossibly unrealistic fins everywhere, the neon yellow, the lack of any visible tech or breathing gear, the amorphous red blob that is apparently a visor, the giant fork accessory. It's hard to find a single thing to like about this figure.

    I like the Cobra blue half of his color scheme at least.

    I'm not above liking a figure for its sheer camp or ridiculousness though. That might be v2 Eels' only hope.