Friday, February 23, 2024

1993 Frostbite - Around The Web

I really enjoy the 1993 Frostbite figure.  The mold is solid and the colors are great in the snow.  He's got a decent weapons tree.  And, he has a cool snow mask that can be used to both anonymize the figure or make him incredibly unique.  There's some decent content featuring the figure out there.  So, check some out now that the winter is, hopefully, winding down.

1993 Frostbite Profile

1993 Frostbite by _toyler_

1993 Frostbite by jogun warrior

1993 Frostbite by recondo martin

1993 Frostbite by slipstream80

1993 Frostbite at Joe A Day

1993 Frostbite by thedailyscoop1989

1993 Frostbite by toysandtomfoolery

1993 Frostbite by gijoekorea

1993 Frostbite by myplasticshots

1993 Frostbite by offc0ur5e

1993 Frostbite, Battle Corps, Iceberg, 1983 Battle Bear

1993 Frostbite, Battle Corps

1993 Frostbite, Battle Corps


  1. Really like this mold but that mask is terrifying. Looks like an owl or a Cyberman from far enough away

  2. I have fond memories of the figure as a kid. My little brother acquired him either for Christmas or his birthday and I used the figure in many an adventure. I always loved the artic figures and 93 Iceberg and 93 Frostbite teamed up frequently in my joe-verse. I always liked this figure - he's a great example of how good the Battle Corps figures could be - great mold and figure design. The weapons and mask also work well with him.

    I have had intentions of re-acquiring 1993 Frostbite for awhile now. He's probably one of the ten or so figures I still want to add to my collection but I always seem to be in one of my collecting breaks when he crosses my mind. I have the 1997 version but find the original 93 version to be superior in every way.

    Just curious - Is Joedios down for everyone else? I clicked on the two links above and have also tried to access it at other times over the past few months only to see broken thumbnails and nothing loading. Now I get a "The server is too busy at the moment. Please try again later." error. It would be sad if Joedios ends up fading away.

    1. Same here, just checked. "The server is too busy at the moment. Please try again later."
      I would love to save Mike T's writings as I have long enjoyed reading them in case this site vanishes one day.

  3. Pretty good mold they could've used for arctic verisons of other's not overloaded and generic enough, well, grenades aside. (They were so grenade happy). But it didn't appear again after 1997.
    Instead we got ICE MAN mirage and the umpteenth Snow Job V1 as Frostbite.

  4. Serial Killer Frostbite...