Saturday, September 24, 2016

1989 Recoil - Around the Web

Recoil is a figure I like so much that I've profiled him twice.  The baby blue weapons are the real negative to him.  But, there are lots of black M-203's from the 2000's era Joes that outfit him nicely.  And, if you can find a cheap Steel Brigade figure, you can get his gun in charcoal as well.  (Good luck with that these days, though.)  Here's the best of the character around the web.

Recoil Profile - 2014

Recoil Profile - 2000

Recoil at Mike's Collection

Recoil Video Review

Recoil at

Recoil at the Viper Pit

Recoil Pre-Production Photos at

1989 Recoil, 1987 Worms, Maggot, Aero Viper

1989 Recoil

1989 Recoil, 1991 Super Sonic Fighters Falcon, 1993 Battle Corps Gung Ho

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