Thursday, September 14, 2017

1986 Lift Ticket - Around the Web

I was always excited to get new vehicle drivers.  Their exclusivity made them seem cooler than they probably were.  Lift Ticket, though, was somewhat of a disappointment.  You got a decent body and the cool microphone.  But, his head was a bit too big with a goofy expression on his face.  But, he's a classic figure and pretty much is a necessity if you have a Tomahawk.  Here's the best of him from around the web.

Lift Ticket Profile

Lift Ticket Variations

Lift Ticket Dio 1

Lift Ticket Dio 2

Lift Ticket at Icebreaker's HQ

Lift Ticket Dio 3

1986 Lift Ticket, 1985 Dragonfly, Footloose, 1983, TTBP

1986 Lift Ticket, 1983 Dragonfly, Unproduced Night Force Flint, Midnight Chinese, Star Duster, Starduster, Mail Away, Steel Brigade, Plastirama, Backstop, ARgentina, Condor, Airborne, 1994 Lifeline

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