Thursday, March 15, 2018

1992 Toxo Zombie Around the Web

So, it turns out that people seem to like Zombies these days.  Caught up in that cultural zeitgeist is the 1992 Toxo Zombie figure.  Back in the late 1990's and early 2000's, this figure was pretty much a joke.  Collectors hated the fact that it even existed.  Now, though, the Toxo Zombie figure is rather popular.  Just looking at the sheer volume of content below, you can see that the figure has become a staple of many people's collections.  It is a favorite of photographers and the Toxo Zombie often appears on various online communities.  Here's some of my favorite content on the Toxo Zombie from around the web:

Toxo Zombie Profile

Toxo Zombie at ARAH Gallery

Toxo Zombie Pre Production at

Toxo Zombie at

Toxo Zombie by OldBaldysToyChest

Toxo Zombie by JamietheTeleViper

Toxo Zombie by ScarrViper

Toxo Zombie at

Toxo Zombie Halloween at

Secret of the Ooze Dio

Toxo Zombie by Outrider

Toxo Zombie at Half The Battle

Toxo Zombies at JoeDios

Toxo Zombie by b33jb

Toxo Zombie Returns at (He really likes the Toxo Zombie!)

Toxo Zombie by kaboomtoys

Toxo Zombies by total_madness_customs

1992 Toxo Zombie, 1991 BAT, Battle Andriod Trooper, 1991 Toxo Viper, Eco Warriors, Battle Corps

1992 Toxo Zombie, 1993 Duke, Eco Warriors, Battle Corps


  1. Man that's insane! I remember back when people used to hate this guy too. I knew he was becoming more popular but I didn't notice there was THAT much content on him!

  2. Always wished that the Zombie's uniform was closer in color to Toxo Viper II. I suppose the intention was to depict discoloration from corrosion but darker colors would have looked a lot creepier.