Thursday, March 22, 2018

1986 Wet Suit - Around the Web

The 1986 Wet Suit mold has been used a great many times in the history of the Joe line.  However, it's been 15 years since I've looked at the mold. The original remains the classic view of the Wet Suit character.  Even though many of the later colorings of this mold were probably better.  He's fairly popular among collectors.  Here's the best I found of him from around the web.

1986 Wet Suit Profile

Wet Suit at

Wet Suit Card Art at

Wet Suit Video Profile 1

Wet Suit Dio

Wet Suit at JoePedia

Wet Suit Video Profile 2


  1. I wasn't crazy about Wet-Suit back in 1986, being a fickle kid. I got the Brazil set and like that version better, though I didn't use him that much. He really needed a weapon. Kids look down on weaponless joes!

    They recolored the mold to death...sort of, the last 3 versions seem so similar that I forget there are that many.

  2. Nice to see how the yellow accents from the original later showed up on the 1992 version. This is a good diver figure but Wetsuit's character was never appealing to me.