Thursday, March 8, 2018

1989 Gnawgahyde - Around the Web

Gnawgahyde was released after my time.  But, among the Dreadnoks released after 1985, I think he's the best.  It's an incredibly detailed mold and includes amazing accessories.  He's a favorite of Joe photo collectors and he appears in quite a bot of content out here on the character.  Here's some of what I found on him around the web.

Gnawgahyde Profile

Gnawgahyde at 1

Gnawgahyde at

Gnawgahyde PreProduction at

Gnawgahyde at 2

Gnawgahyde at 3

Gnawgahyde at Wikipedia

Gnawgahyde at 4

Gnawgahyde Video Review

Gnawgahyde at 5

Gnawgahyde at

Gnawgahyde at 6

Gnawgahyde at JoeWiki

Gnawgahyde at 7

1989 Gnawgahyde, Dreadnok, Poacher


  1. I think Gnawguhyde should've have been a Dreadnok. Why does some sleazy poacher hang around bikers, anyway? Though, Gnawgahyde got to be lone Dreadnok, aside from Zarana in Dic's Operation Dragonfire and season 1. He was the less dumb henchman compared to Metal-Head.

    The modern one isn't terrible, but he's got these scrawny arms compared to the original.

    Also, the trend of the shirtless or sleeveless enemy characters from 1986-1990. It's really strange, they liked to show off their arms and/or chests.

  2. Excellent Accessories. His face is a little too expressive for me. Still one of my favorite Dreadnoks.