Thursday, May 10, 2018

1989 Long Range - Around the Web

The 1989 Long Range figure isn't one you see all that frequently.  He's fairly odd, poorly colored and not a figure that collectors have really taken to.  But, that oddity kind of makes the figure fun.  Plus, he's got a cool little pistol that can be tough to find.  There isn't really a tone of content on him out there.  But, here's the best of Long Range from around the web.

Long Range Profile

Long Range at 1

Long Range at

Long Range at 2

Long Range Pre Production at

Long Range at 3

Long Range at 4

1989 Long Range, Snake Eyes, Quick Kick, Sigilo, Plastirama, Argentina

1 comment:

  1. I wouldn't call him poorly colored myself. he's a bit bland, actually, as at least he doesn't have orange clothing. Yeah, an odd uniforms, mainly the boots...dude must like Napoleonic times. The one-eyed covered by a range finder/something was already a cliche at this point. Also, not sure GI JOE needed so many red beards; Frostbite had just went red, too, with Tiger Force.

    Love that preproduction figure. Would be a fun custom.