Thursday, May 24, 2018

1992 DEF Mutt - Around the Web

The 1992 DEF series of figures were actually quite good.  The molds were solid and the colors were realistic.  Even the accessories were useful.  But, the higher price point lead to retail malaise and the series was cancelled after one year.  But, we're left with a great set of figures.  But, being late releases, there's not a lot out there on the Joe members of the team.  That's heavily a function of the fact that the Joe existing characters had iconic, earlier versions that are probably better than the DEF renditions.  But, the DEF holds some under-appreciated gems.  Here's the best of the DEF Mutt from around the web.

1992 Mutt Profile

Mutt Pre Production at

1992 DEF Toy Fair Catalog at

Mutt at

DEF Comic Introduction Review at IceBreaker's HQ

1992 Mutt, DEF, Dodger, Battleforce 2000, 1987, 2016 Red Laser Army Stinger BAT, Factory Custom, Black Major

1992 Mutt, DEF, Wild Bill, Gung Ho, 1991, BAT, Battle Android Trooper


  1. I love that DEF Mutt is sporting his Slaughter's Marauders colors. I prefer this Mutt to the original even though version 1 had a leash and painted dog.

  2. Okay figure, but the bones on his vest were a bit silly.