Saturday, September 22, 2018

1985 Lamprey - Around the Web

I opened my Moray for my birthday in 1985.  While the vehicle was amazing, it was the driver that grabbed my attention.  The Lamprey was just an amazing figure with a great weapon.  One of my great laments as a kid was that I only had one of them.  As such, I took tremendous care of the figure.  Fortunately, the Lamprey is now fairly easy to find and can be army built.  He remains one of my favorite Cobras to this day.  Here's the best of him from around the web.

1985 Lamprey Profile

Lamprey Dio 01

Lamprey Pre Production at

Moray and Lamprey Video Review

Lamprey Variants

Lamprey at Brave Fortress

Lamprey By Outrider

1985 Lamprey, Moray, Hydrofoil

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  1. It's funny the modern version makes the helmet an air hose and a oxygen tank pack, like it's for underwater and also makes the visor transparent, so Lamprey looks like a 1992 eco-warrior or something. I much prefer the original.