Thursday, December 13, 2018

1988 Nullifier - Around the Web

The Nullifier was originally intended as a Cobra-La character.  He retains some of the horror of that faction.  But, the figure is heavily armored and works in various capacities.  My younger brother had him and he and his AGP were around for a while.  In fact, my Hit and Run got lost in the ivy of my grandparents' back yard when I had him evading the AGP.  There's some nice content on the Nullifier out there.  Here's the best of the Nullifier from around the web.

Nullifier Profile

Nullifier by Color-Viper05

Nulllifier at Joe A Day

Nullifier by Golden Cobra 79

Nullifier at

Nullifier Pre Production at

Nullifier by toysandtomfoolery

1988 Destro, Iron Grenadier, 1997 Flight Pod, Nullifier, AGP, Trouble Bubble


  1. His connections to cancelled Cobra-La items explains some odd design choices. Yet, his design isn't that techno-organic, either. If it weren't for the odd helmet/visor and the "writing" on his chest, he'd be no more unusual than any other enemy figure of his time. It seems like Hasbro's planned Cobra-La non-movie additions wouldn't quite have meshed with the cartoon movie's take on Cobra-La. (As also evidenced by 4 or 5 illustrations of Pythona that don't resemble the cartoon version.)

  2. Hit and Run got lost in ivy? Sounds like he got swallowed up by Cobra La.

  3. More Star Wars than GI Joe.What an ugly figure