Thursday, May 30, 2019

2003 Inferno BAT - Around the Web

The 2003 BAT Pack was released with great fanfare.  But, the set landed with a thud at retail, though.  Collectors bought a lot.  But, there weren't enough collectors to absorb the stock.  There were some massive armies out there for a while, though.  The Inferno BAT was an afterthought to the standard BATs in the set.  But, years later, the figure has some cachet and can be fun to own.  I don't need too many of them.  Having a handful makes for a useful army.  Here's the best of the Inferno BAT from around the web.

Inferno BAT Profile

Inferno Bat by Ironman3719

Inferno BAT at

Inferno BAT at

Inferno BAT at Half the Battle

Inferno BAT makes the Halloween List at Castle Geek Skull

Inferno BAT at

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