Tuesday, May 21, 2019

2005 Oktober Guard Horrorshow - Around the Web

This Horrorshow figure is far from perfect.  But, for the time, it was about the best we could have expected from Hasbro.  I ended up selling off my original Horrorshow several years ago.  I didn't really miss him.  But then, I randomly found him, Stormavik and Stalker for a buck at a random flea market in Indianapolis.  I snatched him up and have come to realize in recent years how fortunate I was to come across that random find.  Now, Horrorshows are stupidly expensive.  And, if you're going to pay a premium, the flaws of this figure become far more apparent.  Here's the best of Horrorshow from around the web.

Horrorshow Profile

Comic Pack #7 at JoeBattleLines.com

Comic Pack #7 at 16bit.com

Oktober Guard at Icebreakers HQ

Horrorshow at OAFE.net

2004 G.I. Joe Convention Horrorshow Prototype at JoeBattleLines.com

2005 Oktober Guard Horrorshow, Comic Pack #7, 1998 Snow Serpent


  1. Supposedly the run of Comic pack wave 3 was not as big (truncated they said) and that's one reason. However, Brekhov at least was available loose from China later for awhile.

    This figure inability to sit is annoying. They chose form over function, which is not really what ARAH did much.

    1. I didn't believe they'd actually do a short run. But, they did. You could get them for about a month. But, then, they were gone. I always figured they'd do a TRU or convention repaint run since the new molds weren't used. (And, the con guys were OG fans.) I always found it odd that didn't happen.