Tuesday, May 7, 2019

1987 Crazylegs - Around The Web

So, real life intervenes and I'm going to be offline for a week or so and probably not back to normal posting for another week or two after that.  I still have Rarities Month planned for June.  So, that's happening.  But, It's going to take most of May to get back into the swing of things.  In the meantime, please see the best of Crazylegs from around the web.

1987 Crazylegs Profile

Night Force Crazylegs Profile

Plastirama Crazylegs Cardback

Funskool Skydiver using Crazylegs parts

Crazylegs Video Review

Crazylegs at 3DJoes.com

Crazylegs at JoeADay.com

1987 Sneak Peek, Crazylegs

1987 Sneak Peek, Crazylegs

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  1. I was looking a Portuguese fan's blog site (translated via google), and a comment left under his little review of Crazylegs mentioned not liking the facial expression. I think it made the figure for me. It gave him just enough personality. Crazylegs remains one of my favorite Joes.