Thursday, May 16, 2019

1988 Secto Viper - Around the Web

The Secto Viper is a great figure.  He's the perfect Cobra deep sea diver and is an excellent match for the oddball BUGG.  Sadly, they have gotten pricey and hard to find these days.  Even worse is that we didn't get any cool repaints in the 2000's.  This guy would have been awesome in 1985 Eel colors.  (See NetViperX's site for a Copperhead repaint, too!)  The mold was lost to Olmec toys, though.  There's tons of content on them around the web. 

Secto Viper Profile - 2002

Secto Viper Profile - 2014

Secto Viper at NetViperX's Custom Gallery - Don't miss this one!

Secto Viper at ARAH Gallery

Secto Viper by Colorviper05

Secto Viper at

Secto Viper by Dreadnokdread 1

Secto Vipers by ScarrViper

Secto Viper by Dreadnokdread2

Secto Viper by C-DGSM 2487

Secto Viper by jamietheteleviper

Secto Viper Swamp Base Diorama

1988 Secto Viper, Cobra Bugg

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  1. The Secto-Viper is a good figure, marred by poor color choices and lack of paint application that would have greatly improved the figure. The Bronze Bomber version is even worse.The BUGG however is nice and one of my favorites of all the Cobra vehicles. I use my BUGG as a Hazmat/NBC crew, kinda like more specialized Toxo vipers( who I never liked).The BUGG also works as a troop carrier, all too rare in the Cobra ranks.