Thursday, September 17, 2020

2003 Python Patrol Major Bludd - Around The Web

The Python Patrol Major Bludd figure was not well liked upon his release.  Many collectors disdained the figure for simply not being an army builder.  17 years later, though, Major Bludd has help up the best of the 2003 Python Patrol figures.  His unique coloring and lone character was not lost in the sea of army builders that followed.  And, the fact that he used a unique parts combination has made him more interesting than many of the other figures of the era that were straight repaints.  Here's the best of him from around the web.

Python Patrol Major Bludd Profile


  1. I like the Zap mold better as a Cobra. The giant rounds on the chest are ridiculous, which works on a Cobra villain, but not so much on a respectable Joe like Zap. Also, whatever those things are on each side of the boot, it's nice that they gave them a different color, thus slimming the boots themselves. Avoids the moon-boot look that Zap suffered from.

  2. I liked army builder packs, but not sure how ARAH style o-ring fans expected Cobra characters to be released at that time, club exclusives only? (The comic packs weren't a thing yet.)

    1. There were fans then who were 100% serious in saying that Cobra releases should be army builder characters. There were even some who proposed an all army builder with not even any Joes. It was a weird time.

    2. GI JOE fans are
      70% COBRA FANS first and/or only
      20% Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow only.
      10% People who actually appreciate all or most of the series.