Tuesday, September 29, 2020

1985 Alpine - Around The Web

Despite being both a childhood favorite and a a figure I hold dear to this day, I don't get much use out of my Alpine figures.  I have far fewer photos of him than I should...especially when you consider that I've always had properly scaled boulders around my yard that would be a perfect setting for photos with him.  Fortunately, lots of other more talented photographers haven't had my limitations.  And, there's tons of great Alpine content out there.  Here's some of the best from around the web.

1985 Alpine Profile

Risco - Argentina Alpine Profile

Alpine Video Review

Alpine by strikeforce_codename

Alpine by thedustinmccoy

Alpine by badgerscratch

Alpine by Slipstream80

Alpine by thedustinmccoy 02

Alpine by specialmissionforce

Alpine by steelbrigade

Alpine by thedustinmccoy

Alpine by joerizzo2025

1985 Alpine, Heavy Metal, Mauler


  1. I think Alpine might be the single most underappreciated Joe in the whole line.

    Unique and interesting sculpt, amazing and appropriate accessories that clip into his backpack, that awesome SMG, muted colors, cool specialty.

    And he just looks cool, IMO. I really like his helmet/goggle and jacket design.

    Despite all this he remains mostly forgotten.

  2. He is also the only joe to use his real name as his code name. A bit cheesy actually.

    1. Larry Hama liked to insert humour. Original Dreadnoks are TOM, DICK and HARRY and also WINKEN, BLINKEN and NOD. Cutter's name is SKIP A. STONE. Albert Pine sounds more like a real name than "Skip" anything. Skip is a nickname.