Saturday, July 17, 2021

2004 Cobra Black Dragon Ninja - Around The Web

If you were around back at the time of the Black Dragon Ninja figure's release, you remember that he appeared quite frequently.  Everyone was happy to show off their new figures.  But, in the years since, the Toys R Us 6 figure packs have kind of dried up.  Many new collectors don't have them.  And, the limitations of many of the figures have played out over the past 17 years.  (Yes, it's been that long.)  It's fun to find old write ups of figures like this.  When taken through the eyes of a new release, you see a different perspective than you do now that this figure is older than the vintage Joes were when he debuted.  There's not a ton of content on the Black Dragon Ninja out there.  But, of the TRU figures, this one has held up pretty well.  While Black Major has given us nice Stormshadow repaints, the Black Dragon Ninja color scheme hasn't really been explored.  Here's the best of his content from around the web.

2004 Black Dragon Ninja Profile

2004 Black Dragon Ninja by thedustinmccoy

2004 Black Dragon Ninja by yihad_77

2004 Black Dragon Ninja at Half The Battle

2004 Black Dragon Ninja by Slipstream80

2004 Black Dragon Ninja at GeneralsJoesReborn

2004 Black Dragon Ninja at

2004 Black Dragon Ninja by Flatline

2004 Black Dragon Ninja by toysandtomfoolery

2004 Black Dragon Ninja, Toys R Us Exclusive, Comic Pack Grunt, V1 Stormshadow, Ninja Ku


  1. JoeADay link is a duplicate GeneralsJoesReborn link.


    2. Thanks! I've made the fix above, too.

  2. A shame than BM never did a Ninja Ku with the Plastirama colors...

    1. I think he did do one. But, it was a really limited run in 2020 and was only available with a full set of like 9 figures. They're not easy to find these days.