Saturday, December 9, 2023

1988 Tiger Force Bazooka - Around the Web

Bazooka sucks.  He's a boring figure and an even more boring character.  I've never been a huge fan of the figure.  I'll argue the Tiger Force version is a better figure than the 1985 original, though.  And, the green of his backpack is a deep, rich color that doesn't appear anywhere else in the line.  In the end, though, the most interesting thing about him is that I've always had him hold his weapon backwards.  And, he looks silly with it being held any other way.  There's some strong content on the figure that's out there.  So, check them all out.

Tiger Force Bazooka Profile

Tiger Force Bazooka by dashiellrfairborn

Tiger Force Bazooka by atwooddan

Tiger Force Bazooka by gen_liederkranz

Tiger Force Bazooka at

Tiger Force Bazooka by relena_warcraft

Tiger Force Bazooka by yojoe_collector

Tiger Force Bazooka by Hit and Run

Tiger Force Bazooka by thedustinmccoy

Tiger Force Bazooka by atticagazette

Tiger Force Bazooka by thedustinmccoy

1988 Tiger Force Bazooka, Mean Dog

1988 Tiger Force Bazooka, Hardball, Night Force Crazylegs


  1. The carmel color to his helmet is pretty unique too. It's kind of close to the carmel color on 84 Roadblock and 85 Tollbooth.

  2. I like Bazooka, mainly because of the cartoon. One thing I always wish the Bazooka had was a weapon like the one he had in the cartoon. Just like Lady Jaye. I wanted her to have a throwing spear like she did in the cartoon, not the spear launcher.