Saturday, January 7, 2017

Diorama - Swamp Base

At my old house in Indiana, there was a ditch behind the fence that would pool water after rainstorms.  In the early spring, one of the rains left a nice puddle of clear water.  It was there for a couple of days, so the grass got waterlogged and the leftover fall leaves gave the whole scene a swampy look.  I went out for a pretty elaborate set up.  But, it was very cold that day.  My fingers froze in the cold water as I set up the figures.

I had plans for this to be the beginning of a dio story.  But, I didn't get all the photos I wanted due to the temperature and I never had another chance to get out before I moved that fall.  This was one of the few times that I was able to get the Mega and Cyber Viper out and into dios.  The focal point was supposed to be the Bronze Bombers Firebomb figure (a Secto Viper repaint) but I ended up looking at the Secto Viper instead.

This General shell was really beat up.  I ended up throwing it into the trash rather than moving it.  I did strip all the pieces, which I still have.  I kind of wish I had kept the body.  But, it was massive and broken in ways that couldn't be fixed.  The Moray in the pics below got pretty beat up through my various moves and is in nowhere as good of condition as you see below.  In all, it was a fun setup with lots of obscure and bright Cobras.


  1. Ah, the General... My childhood favorite toy. I was heartbroken the time friends came over to play and broke one of the turrets and a cockpit door. It was at a time when the Internet was still unheard of, so replacement parts were hard to come by. It's only now, roughly 25 years later, that I have the replacement parts, bought on Ebay, but the funny thing is that my original General is still in my parent's attic, since I currently have no spot for it in my collection. In a few months I'll have a new Joe-room available for it (a renovated old barn), pretty much 3 times the size of my current Joe-room, and then it will finally take a central stage again in my collection.

    Cool to see you populated the General with Cobra forces! I used to do that as well as a kid. Usually I'd use the General as an Iron Grenadier base (even though the colors don't make much sence as an Iron Grenadier theme), and I'd use the MCC and other playsets as the real Joe HQ.

    I forgot they made a Bronze Bombers Secto Viper bootleg. Being a fan of the Secto Viper figure (I have about 8 to man my two Cobra Buggs), I kind of want one now. Too bad they're so rare nowadays.

    1. An IG repaint of the General sounds pretty cool. I'd have probably bought one had it come out in the 2000's. It's too bad as the mold is decent and deserved another release somewhere.

      The Bronze Bomber Secto Viper is kind of a disappointment. He's just orange. That's it. I got rid of mine since Secto Vipers are so much better.