Thursday, March 23, 2017

2006 Convention Overlord - Around the Web

This Overlord exists as an oops to the collecting community after the group responsible for it got backlash.  They mistakenly thought collectors didn't like the 1988 Destro mold and skipped it in the 2005 convention set.  So, rather than fix the blunder the right way, we got this Overlord using the Destro body in gaudy colors.

But, this figure isn't terrible and kind of works.  The colors are tough to integrate.  But, still, aren't bad.  And, the general look is good for the character and it was nice to see Overlord return in some capacity.  So, lemonade out of lemons, I guess.  Here's the best of him around the web.

Overlord Profile

Overlord at 1

Overlord Review at

Overlord at 2

Overlord at

Overlord at TNI

Overlord at HalftheBattle 

Overlord at 3

2006 Convention Overlord

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