Thursday, August 3, 2017

1991 BAT - Around the Web

The 1991 BAT was a modernized version of the 1986 classic.  It is sleeker and more humanoid than the original.  But, the neon green and orange are a definite downgrade.  The 2003 repaint showed the mold's potential.  But, this brightly colored 1991 release has its charms.  Here's the best of him from around the web.

1991 BAT Profile

1991 BAT Dio

1991 BAT at realheroamericano

1991 BAT at

BATs by Ironman3719

1992 Flak Viper, 1991 BAT, Battle Android Trooper

1991 BAT, Battle Android Trooper

1991 BAT, Battle Android Trooper, 1990 Super Sonic Fighters Dial Tone

1991 BAT, Battle Android Trooper, Clean Sweep, Eco Warriors


  1. That Mercer gun is such a perfect match for him! Does the green one from Carcass match his colors any better? I might have to steal that figure/gun combo.

    1. I think the Carcass green is a quite a bit darker than the BAT. I don't think I've got a set that's off the sprue, though, to validate.

      I think the SSF Road Pig's weapons would be nice with this BAT, too.

  2. The 1991 B.A.T. is the next figure I want to Army Build.

    1. My BAT II army has grown. I don't want as many BATs as regular Vipers-- just enough to look cool marching in formation. BATs don't need to hide. The bright colors are there to warn Vipers to get out of their way.