Thursday, August 10, 2017

1988 Hardball - Around the Web

In 1988, I bought Hardball due to his baseball connection.  In a weird bit of kismet, the day that showcased the figure, Matt Cain of the Giants threw a perfect game.  I attended my first Cubs game on August 5, 1988.  It was the first of a four game series against the Phillies that would culminate in the first night game in Wrigley Field history.  So, I'm in a baseball kind of mood this week.  So, here's the Joe team's resident ballplayer and the best of his content from around the web.

Hardball Profile

Hardball at

Hardball Dio 1

Hardball Video Review

Hardball at Joe Wiki

Hardball PreProduction at

Hardball Dio 2

1988 Hardball, 2016 Stinger BAT, Bootleg, Black Major, Red Laser's Army

1988 Hardball, 1992 Barricade


  1. In before Darkwise starts bashing Hardball! :) I never really grew to like this figure, but when he came out, this was the baddest-ass, high-tech grenade gun there was. So Hardball was a good guy to have on your team. The baseball thing didn't bug me as much then as it does now, and I've got him on the list of figures to rework.

    1. I use the grenade launcher with the 1992 Gung Ho figure. He's a bigger, bulkier version of the character. So, I have him a bigger, bulkier version of the classic grenade launcher.

  2. Arguably the best of the "sports themed" Joes.