Tuesday, November 28, 2017

1985 Flint - Around the Web

Flint is my all time favorite Joe figure.  I found him at the local KB Toys in February of 1985.  But, his head was drooping in the package and I thought he was defective since I didn't know about the new head articulation, yet.  So, I passed him up for Airtight and Footloose.  I regretted that for months as I could not find Flint anywhere.  For Easter that year, my brother got a Bazooka.  I was sure I'd get Flint.  But, there were no Joes in my Easter basket.

When I finally got him, he didn't disappoint and quickly became the most used figure in my arsenal.  To this day, there is something about Flint's design that resonates with me and he remains one figures of whom I can own enough versions.  It was 18 years ago today that I first profiled the Flint figure.  I've revisited him a few times through the years.  Here's the best content on him from around the web.

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1985 Flint, 1988 Hit and Run, 1986 Beach Head, AVAC, 1987 Maggot

1985 Flint, Footloose, Snake Eyes, 1993 Monster Blaster APC

1985 Flint, Footloose, Bazooka, Heavy Metal, Airtight, 1993 Mega Marines Monster Blaster APC


  1. I think Flint is one of those rare Joes with multiple versions where the first figure is still the best.

  2. I found mine in 1985 at a TRUs but his neck was loose due to a factory defect. Since I didn't know then about tightening back screws, he didn't see much use. I still consider him a classic figure and character, due in no small part to the great Bill Ratner's portrayal of Flint in the Sunbow cartoon.

  3. I remember discovering the new ball-neck, and being so stoked that Joe had found a way to be even better than they already were. And yep, it was on my Flint figure.

  4. Original Flint wasn't part of my childhood team really. My brother had one. I was on and off with GIJOE and got a boost from my 1985 birthday presents, but Flint wasn't among them. I didn't care that much for his head sculpt, IIRC. My first Flint was Tiger Force, which is a good release. By then I was completist as much as I could...since my brother had gotten too old for toys a few years earlier.